On-site Appraisals

Crown Jewelers is proud to host on-site appraisals on Thursday, January 29, beginning at 10 am.  Appointments are required, so please call 540-885-0653 to make your appointment.  The appraisal will be done while you wait, and you will receive a typed appraisal within 2-3 weeks.  Appraisals start at $60 per item.

5 Reasons for Jewelry Appraisal:

1.  Documentation for insurance

2. Updating of an old appraisal

3.  Selling items

4.  Estate or trust preparation

5. Curious

Did you know that many insurance companies do not accept a sales receive in lieu of an appraisal and will insist on an actual appraisal instead?  Also, an appraisal that is over 2 years old may be out-of-date and your jewelry could be insured for less than the replacement value.  And, with the market increase in precious metals, you may risk a financial loss if the jewelry is lost or stolen because the jewelry is insured for less than its value.

Let Crown Jewelers help you safeguard your jewelry investment.  Call today to make your appointment!


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